These days, I mostly write feature films, some of which have advanced to the second round of the Sundance Screenwriting Lab and the Austin Film Festival's script competition, and one that I directed. I don't publish unproduced scripts but you can see some of the films I've written here.

During my years in Chicago, I wrote hundreds of sketches, plays, and other works for the stage, some of which were produced at The Annoyance Theatre, The Artistic Home, and various other theaters in Chicago.

Writing for the stage, especially comedy, was great training because you could never lie to yourself about how good the work was -- people either laugh or they don't.

Notes and essays on film, writing, AI, and more.

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Also, I made The Historical Wire, where famous people from history quote The Wire.

Weird Hemingway

Short weird stories by Ernest Hemingway. For a while these stories would just pop into my brain, fully formed, and I had to write them down.

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