The things fictional characters shout upon orgasm


From After Hours (1985):

On our wedding night -- I was a
virgin -- well...when we made've seen the film, 
haven't you?

"The Wizard of Oz"?


Yes, I've seen it.

Well...when we made love...
whenever know...when
he came...right at the moment
of...orgasm...he would just
scream out: "Surrender Dorothy!"
That's all, just "Surrender
Dorothy!" I mean, you know,
instead of moaning or saying
"Oh, God" or something normal
like that...


I mean, you was pretty
creepy, and I told him I thought
so but he couldn't stop. I mean,
he said he didn't even realize
it, can you imagine?? So I just
broke the whole thing off.

From David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (p. 17):

It's cost me every sexual relationship I ever had. 
I don't know why I do it. I'm not a political person, 
I don't consider myself. I'm not one of those America
First, read the newspaper, will Buchanan get the nod 
people. I'll be doing it with some girl, it doesn't 
matter who. It's when I start to come. That it happens...

..."Victory for the Forces of Democratic Freedom!" Only way
louder. As in really shouting it. Uncontrollably. I'm not 
even thinking it until it comes out and I hear it.

There is a bright and tiny joy from finding connections between works you love, whether or not they’re intentional.1 I wonder if Wallace ever saw After Hours.

  1. I hereby commission a German to coin a word for that feeling.