Off Book

An off-beat comedy about dating on a script.

  • Runtime: 8:03
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Format: Digital HD
  • Finished: Dec 2016
  • Premiere: May 2017 (Twister Alley Film Festival)

The Production

This was the first experience directing another writer's material. Mindy and Eric, the co-writers and co-stars, approached me in January 2016.

After an initial meeting, I signed on to the project and brought in Hannah Welever as the DP, and Mindy was able to get Anthony Hill to play the barista.

We filmed in April 2016 at Ellipsis Coffeehouse in the Rogers Park, Chicago. Post-production was completed in December 2016.

Original score by Tony Scott-Green, a Chicago-based composer.

Cast & Crew


Mindy Fay Parks

Eric Feltes

Anthony Hill

Laurie Carter Rose


Director // Robert Bruce Carter

Line Producer // Johnny Woj


Cinematographer // Hannah Welever
Gaffer // Taylor Russ


Production Designer // Laura Petro


Sound Mixer // Kevin Vicks


Editing // Paul Myzia
Sound Design // Paul Myzia
Colorist // Candice Mars Williamson
Composer // Tony Scott-Green