A comedy microshort about falling in love.

  • Runtime: 3:21
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Format: 4k Digital
  • Finished: Jan 2018
  • Premiere: Jul 2018 (Middle Coast Film Festival)

The Production

This was a fun and relatively easy production. The city let us use the sidewalk next to the pool at Holstein Park (Bucktown) for the day. There were some minor frustrations, like the woman who was walking her laps around the park and refused to pause while our cameras were rolling, and the occasional passerby that walked into a shot and asked "am I in the way?"

Overall it was a really fun, extremely hot, day.

I was nervous about actors falling on the sidwalk, so the DP, Kim Pedersen, introduced me to her friend, Jim Jarosz, who fashioned a protective styrofoam mat that blends into the sidewalk and cusions the fall for the actors.

Based on the way the final film was edited, it might seem like we cheated, but no, the actors were really falling on the ground. I invited my friend, Ray Hui, to rhearsal, to help with coordinating the falls to minimize the impact. Nobody was hurt!

And I really love the music that I was able to get. The opening song is "Danceland", by The Garrys, a Calgary-based band. The outro song is "I Got Money" by The Ghost Wolves, an Austin-based band.

As of December 2017, I'm waiting to hear back from film festivals to find out where it will premiere. The public online release will probably be in late 2018 or early 2019.

Cast & Crew


Sarah Lo

Matthew Quattrocki

Adriana Leonard

Vernon Mina

Chantel Chavon

Buddy Heeley


Luke Johnson

David Boland

Danny McCarthy

Maggie Donovan

Steve Smith

Deborah Fellinger

Patrick Smith


Writer, Director, Editor // Robert Bruce Carter

Producer // Erin Miller


Director of Photography // Kim Pedersen
Gaffer // Melissa Revels
2nd AC // Joseph Mueller
2nd AC // Luke Johnson


Production Designer // Laura Petro
Costume Designer // Emma Collins


Sound Mixer // Nick Price


AD // Eliaz Rodriguez
Script Supervisor // Caitlin Shantz
Sidewalk Stunt Treatment // Jim Jarosz
Stunt Coordinator // Ray Hui

Production Assistants //

Sarah Alo
Ellie Garza
David Boland


Color Grading // Parker Jarvie
Sound Design // Derek O’Rourke

Special Thanks

Chris Johnson
Chicago Film Office
Curtis Matzke
Eliaz Rodriguez
Kelly O'Connell