Chicago to Istanbul (Weird Hemingway)

Kelly boarded the plane carrying her Kafka book and the flight attendant said “Kafka, you don’t see that on a plane every day” and Kelly said “are you on a plane every day?” and the man said “yes, I am. I am a flight attendant.”

“I’m going to a Franz Kafka conference” she said to him.


“No, I’m sorry. That was a lie.”

“Oh” he said and they she felt bad and looked at the ground and they were silent for a moment.

“You should probably get to your seat” he said.


“22B, you’re on the right side” he said, looking at her ticket.


Kelly looked for him after the plane landed to get his number but he was helping a short woman get her bag on the other side of the plane and the last she heard, he was still flying the Chicago to Istanbul route.