Shooting episode 1 of my still-untitled web series

Finally, in production for something! We went to Senior Citizen Memorial Park in Bucktown today to film the first episode of a web series that I created. It’s a comedic series of strange vignettes from Chicago.


This first episode was a test run to see how things will go before deciding to move on to episodes two through six. And things went very well.


The actors have a detailed set of circumstances to work with but the dialogue itself is improvised, which presents a bit of a directing challenge as I had an idea of where I wanted to go but not a full map of how to get there.

Finding some really nice surprises and good moments along the way was fun. And a relief. Mostly a relief that it worked out. I didn’t invite you to this park on a cold November Saturday to create something boring and terrible.

I’m working with Hannah Welever as a DP and Erin Turbo as a sound engineer and they were both great today, as were the actors Tyler Collins and Mike Maggio, who I know Tyler and Mke through The Artistic Home.

Most, if not all of the episodes will feature actors that I’ve met through that wonderful theater.