• I speak Spanish (fluently) and French (sort of fluently).
  • I’ve lived abroad in France and Argentina.
  • I'm 50% Puerto Rican.
  • I'm also a web developer.


In a nutshell.

I'm a writer, director, and filmmaker. Originally from Baltimore, I live in Chicago now. I make things with absurd humor. I'm also an actor (sometimes). And I'm teaching myself coding in my spare time as I transition out of marketing as a day job.

Sketch & improv.

I got into all that in 2007 when I took my first improv class in Baltimore, MD. For a short time, I was the Executive Director of the Baltimore Improv Group, managing a non-profit theater with 40 ensemble members and an annual 4-day improv festival.

In 2009, I moved to Chicago to get involved in the comedy scene and to learn comedic writing and acting and all that. I studied improv and comedy writing and Chicago’s venerable comedy institutions — Second City, The Annoyance, etc.

For a while, I did improv all the time and wrote a lot of sketches and then I started writing longer pieces (plays and screenplays). Some of those plays have been performed at The Artistic Home and Annoyance Theatre. And I was a co-creator of The Radio Television Theater Hour, a quirky live talk show set in a fictional small-town Chicago. It was a great show but you probably didn’t see it.


After writing and performing comedy on stage for five years, I wanted to make stuff that is more permanent because fear of death and all that. I wrote (and sometimes acted in) several short films that have played with absurd themes and oddball characters.

In 2015, I made Words Fail Me, an improvised web series that put characters in difficult and sometimes bizarre situations and let them find their way out. The series was an official selection at the Brooklyn Web Fest, NYC Web Fest, and Hollyweb Festival.

In 2016, I wrote and directed a short film called The Deadline, which won the IFP/Chicago screenwriting contest. The film is currently being submitted to festivals.

A month later, I directed Off Book, which premiered in April 2017 at the Twister Alley Film Festival. Off Book won the award for best comedy short at Twister Alley and I was nominated for best director at he Portland Comedy Film Festival.

In June 2017, I wrote and directed another short film, called WHAM, which has screened at the Sidewalk Film Festival, DC Shorts, and the Middle Coast Film Festival.

In June 2018, I directed my first feature film, a dark comedy thriller about a strange dinner party. The planned release date is Spring 2019.

My production company is Objay Dart Films, LLC.

I also run The Chicago Film List.