Exporting to ProRes from Adobe Premiere on PC

When I was working with the colorist on Words Fail Me, he asked me to export my sequence in ProRes 4444 format. ProRes is an Apple format. And I was working on Adobe Premiere on PC, which as of July 2015, doesn’t natively support exporting to ProRes.

There is a solution however–a company in Spain, Cinemartin, sells a plugin called Plin.

Once you download and install it, it adds a menu item under File in Adobe Premiere and you can now export to ProRes.
A few things about it:

  • A few times it froze and I had to cancel the export, restart Premiere and start over again until it worked. It froze on me 2 or 3 times total.
  • There is a bug that some people have mentioned where it won’t work if you don’t have enough disk space (1 terabyte) on your C Drive it won’t work. I only have 250 gigs on my C Drive and it worked fine.
  • Their website isn’t generally user friendly and I think their English probably isn’t great.

If you’re OK with all that, then I recommend the plugin because it works well. The alternative would be to find someone with a Mac and export from their machine, but that’s a bit of a pain in the ass, unless it happens to be your roommate or you have one at work that your company doesn’t mind you using for this sort of thing.

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