Maria the Defiant (pilot)

Genre: comedy, historical, adventure

Seminfinalist, AFF 2023

Sent to a convent due to her insolence, a 16th-century teenager with a wicked sense of humor and a taste for adventure, seeks to escape the harrowing realities of religious captivity..

”This is such a unique and refreshing script. The writer has a real knack for vivid female characters, smart dialogue, and wild humor.” -- Black List reader

”Maria is a great protagonist, ideal for the sort of star attachment it would likely need to make it to series. And the world around her hits the right sort of very odd and very funny notes.” -- Black List reader

My Friend Dmitri (feature)

Genre: comedy, crime thriller

When a rare manuscript by Anton Chekhov is discovered by a theater director in Chicago, criminals and other interested parties come out of the woodwork to steal the precious work of art.

”The complex plot and various intersecting storylines in this screenplay are the material’s biggest strength and the writer should be commended for engineering a complicated story and executing it with simplicity and clarity. The reader can’t help but get caught up in the humor and fun of this light romp. It should also be said that this piece ends with a lot of satisfaction and the twist is brought off with a lot of subtlety and surprise, thereby ending the movie on a promising note.” -- Black List reader

Untitled Road Trip Project (feature, currently writing)

Genre: buddy comedy

Neil and Josephine survive a plane crash and take an impromptu road trip across America to fulfill a dying woman's last wish.