New Short Film: My Last Fare

I shot this back in October 2013 and finally got around to editing it. Editing took a while because it was the first time I’d ever worked with a multi-camera workflow or a green screen. The discerning eye will notice some artifacts due to the green screen, ((Chroma keying (the term for working with a green screen) is pretty time-consuming and difficult for someone like me, whose knowledge of post-production visual effects comes from online tutorials.

I think the lighting of the green screen was a bit uneven as well, which may have made it impossible to get looking perfect, even for an experienced colorist.

Not to mention that the close-ups are shot on Canon 7Ds, which tend to produce artifacts when you shoot with them in low-light/high-ISO situations.

All of this is to say that sometimes a technical obstacle can turn out to be a happy mistake, if you embrace it.)) but I actually like the effect. My writing teacher (in whose class I wrote the original script) said that it gave it a Lynchian feel.