Starting a New Show at The Public House Theatre

A few years ago I did a show with Cleanest Best Pleasure, a now-defunct sketch group, called The Clean Show at The Upstairs Gallery. It was framed as a public access TV show about local events in Chicago and was reasonably successful (notwithstanding the one show that was only attended by my then girlfriend, which if you’re doing comedy in Chicago you’ve experienced at least once or twice).

Anyway, my friend Katy and I have been talking ever since about reviving it in some form and over drinks in November we finally decided to make it happen, not as a revival but as a brand new show with some of the same themes. A few meetings later, pulling in our friend Spencer, and a really solid cast/writing staff with credits from The Onion News Network, Steppenwolf, McSweeney’s, NYTVF, and all the Chicago improv/comedy theaters that everyone in Chicago studies/performs at.

All that said, we’re really excited to be putting up the show at The Public House Theatre, a really great theatre on Clark St. that is run by some really great people that got what we were trying to do, which is to create a live experience that is part talk show, part sketch show, and an all-around fun show about a fictional group of people trying to put up their own version of a late-nigh5t show in Chicago. Also, it will be funny.

The show, which is yet to be named, will start on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 and run every month on the 2nd Wednesday. More updates to follow as we hammer out the details with PHT.