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Thoughts on Snowpiercer

I loved this movie for the sheer entertainment although the ending was a bit of a let down and didn’t quite punctuate the action up to that point, if that makes sense. Spoilers below.

A lot of people have been talking about the social critiques and it’s the kind of movie that could be claimed by people on both sides of social/political/economic issues. You can read it as a warning about global warming, but on the other hand, the solution to global warming in the movie basically destroyed earth. ...continue reading...

Thoughts on The Lego Movie

I enjoyed this but not as much as people I’ve talked to. It felt a little too frantic for me, but  I thought it was a good satire of The Matrix. I saw Emmet as Neo, a basically boring guy that had done nothing of note who all of a sudden is chosen as special/the one. Basically a childhood fantasy that the world will see you as special, in the Lego movie, an actual child wishing his disconnected father (also a grown child) would see him that way and in The Matrix as an ostensibly grown man stuck in adolescence, waiting for someone to see him as he really is (well, as he thinks he is..). Normal for a child with an emotionally absent father but well, not really normal for a grown man. ...continue reading...

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