Coding & web development projects.

Websites that I've built as I teach myself to code. Sometimes I write about my experience.

  • 2018

    Something new

    I'm working on something new, coming soon.

  • December, 2017

    This website

    I redesigned my personal website, building out a responsive design from scratch. Built with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and a little help from FitVids.js, lightGallery, and WordPress for the blog.

  • January, 2017

    A simple tool for tracking your daily writing streak. I built it as I went through the amazing Ruby on Rails Tutorial. Built on Rails with Bootstrap.

  • November, 2016

    Google Calendar Link Generator

    My first coding project, I wanted to solve a simple problem: how to create a shareable link to a Google Calendar event. I originally built it with static HTMl and JavaScript, then put it on Node.js a year later just to play around with Node.