Coding & projects.

Currently learning how to use AI and NLP for generative creative writing. Along the way, I've been building small projects to practice new skills and solve small real-world problems.

Some of these are available on Github. Sometimes I write about my coding projects.

Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft Value Calculator

A Jupyter Notebook project for manipulating multiple data sources to translate player projections into customized draft values. Read about it or view the code on Github.

An Exquisite Meal

I built a very simple site for my feature film, An Exquisite Meal, using Gatsby and with custom CSS for the design and layout. View on Github.

This website

I redesigned my personal website, building out a responsive design from scratch. Built with PHP, JavaScript, CSS with a WordPress backend for the blog.

ActiveCampaign UTM Subscription Source utility

A simple JavaScript plugin for ActiveCampaign users that want to see the traffic source (UTM parameters) that were used when a contact subscribed to their list.

Google Calendar Link Generator

A simple tool that solves a simple problem: how to create a shareable link to a Google Calendar event. Built with JavaScript.