Software Engineering and Data Science Projects

I began my career in digital marketing and then transitioned to web analytics. I learned Python for data science, and JavaScript to manipulate analytics data and implement A/B tests.

I found that I really really loved coding, and so I've been learning how to build full-stack JavaScript websites. I'm also learning Solidity smart contract development in my spare time.

Check out my Github.

JavaScript Front-end and Full-stack Projects

Rocket Dash

A dashboard website for Rocket Pool nodes and minipools that are staking on Ethereum.

I started with Hardhat to learn how to interact with Ethereum smart contracts using ethers.js, then I moved over to Sveltekit to build an interactive site.

View the Github repository.

The Mold Guide is a full-stack directory of doctors and other professionals related to mold illness and mold remediation.

Built on Next.js 13 with a combination of server-side and client-side rendering, with a custom API connected to a MongoDB database via Prisma.

View the Github repository.

This website

I built my personal website, building out a responsive design from scratch. Built with PHP, JavaScript, CSS with a WordPress backend for the blog.

I built a simple site for one of my movies, using Gatsby.

Other Projects

A JavaScript plugin for ActiveCampaign users that want to see the traffic source (UTM parameters) that were used when a contact subscribed to their list.

A Google Calendar link generator, built with vanilla JavaScript.

Python and Data Science Projects

A fantasy baseball draft value calculator, using Pandas in Jupyter Notebook. A data science project for manipulating multiple data sources to translate baseball player projections into customized draft values.

Jukebox the Continuator is a Google Colab notebook for creating AI-generated music with OpenAi's Jukebox. See here for a tutorial and sample generations.

An image-recognition model trained with the fastai library to recognize photos. Built for a friend to help him with a photography project.

Lotto Cruncher was a side project that scraped Illinois lottery data to determine the current odds of various scratch-off tickets.

Languages & Frameworks

Web Skills

I have ten years experience with digital marketing and analytics tools, including: