Super Stunt Show Wrapped

I’ve been working on a web series for the past year with the guys from Paper Star Entertainment, called Super Stunt Show. It’s about a Norwegian stuntman/daredevil type that’s trying to make a name for himself in Norway by producing a reality show about all the crazy stunts he does, usually blowing himself up in the process.

And, it’s pretty damn funny. I saw the rough cut of the first episode a few weeks ago and it cracked me up. Which is good, because if you’re ever seen a rough cut of something on film, it’s pretty jarring–no music, no sound effects, long edits, etc. Like watching a sitcom with the laugh track removed.

I play a chain-smoking French engineer, Francois, with a hook for a hand and a general disdain for everyone involved, except for the girls we party with. They’re going to launch it the fall probably, depending on festival stuff and what not. Either way, you should sign up the email list at to get updates.

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