A Big Whore in a Small Town! At The Annoyance!

My short play, A Big Whore in a Small Town (the Western comedy I wrote last year) will be performed at The Annoyance Theatre (by far my favorite comedy theater in Chicago, seriously it’s an amazing place) this month as a Triple Feature.

Triple Features are their way of putting up 20-minute experimental works to give people a chance to showcase their work, develop it, and just have an outlet for writers/directors/actors to try new things. So my play will be one of three shown, each 20 minutes long.

I’m really excited about this because I’ve been developing it off and on for a year now. I originally wrote it as a full-length play and had to compress it to get it down to 20 minutes. My hope is that it goes well and I can develop it into a full-length play somewhere.

We had our first rehearsal today and it went well. The other actors are really great and so is the director. And someone asked me “did you just write this so you could play a Mexican bandido and a French bounty hunter?” Um, yes. Yes I did.

It’s funny and irreverent and has a real theme and all. You should see it if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here’s the details:

Triple Feature @ The Annoyance (851 W Belmont)

8pm on January 11, 18, and 25

Tickets: $7

Starting a New Show at The Public House Theatre

A few years ago I did a show with Cleanest Best Pleasure, a now-defunct sketch group, called The Clean Show at The Upstairs Gallery. It was framed as a public access TV show about local events in Chicago and was reasonably successful (notwithstanding the one show that was only attended by my then girlfriend, which if you’re doing comedy in Chicago you’ve experienced at least once or twice).

Anyway, my friend Katy and I have been talking ever since about reviving it in some form and over drinks in November we finally decided to make it happen, not as a revival but as a brand new show with some of the same themes. A few meetings later, pulling in our friend Spencer, and a really solid cast/writing staff with credits from The Onion News Network, Steppenwolf, McSweeney’s, NYTVF, and all the Chicago improv/comedy theaters that everyone in Chicago studies/performs at. (more…)

Great Opening Night for Cut to The Chase

573ede127a8811e381410e5cd106ae28_8I’m officially a playwright now. I was at the opening last night for Cut to the Chase at The Artistic home last night and all of the plays were fantastic and played to a sold-out house.

Date Night had a lot of positive feedback and it was really satisfying to see a lot of the funny moments and jokes pay off in front of a live audience–rehearsal had been tough at times because it was just me and the director (Kristin Collins) watching and honestly, after watching it a dozen times in an empty theater, the laughs stop happening.

That’s pretty normal for comedy and so I’m really proud of the actors (Cole Millette, Tyler Collins, and Jae Renfrow) for sticking through it and not losing faith and really for just doing such an awesome show last night.

If you’re in Chicago and like theater, and especially if you’re someone that wants to go see more theater but you’ve held off because, well, “serious theater” can be intimidating1, then you should come check it out; it’s an easy way to dip your toes in the water because there’s five short plays so if you don’t like one, then no big deal, the next one starts in fifteen minutes. And there’s a nice range of stuff, from drama to comedy to thriller.

Anway, it’s playing Fridays and Saturdays through the end of January.

  1. I’ve had conversations with a lot of people lately that go something like “I really should go to see more (any) theater because I know there’s a lot of great stuff in Chicago but I just never get around to it or I don’t know what to see.”  

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