robert bruce carter


I'm an award-winning filmmaker in Chicago. I make things with absurd humor.

What I'm working on now

Putting the finishing touches on WHAM, a comedic short that I wrote and directed in June 2017.

Traveling to film festivals to screen two shorts that I directed in 2016, The Deadline and Off Book.

Writing a feature screenplay, with the goal of filming one in 2018.

Curating the Chicago Film List, a newsletter about Chicago indie film news and events.

Posting things about life and film that interest me on my blog.


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2017 // Comedy // 3:21

Two people fall violently in love on the sidewalk.

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The Deadline

2016 // Comedy // 12:46

Patrons at a strange cafe conspire to prevent a playwright from working until two lost travelers arrive and give him a way out.

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Off Book

2016 // Comedy // 8:03

A first-date with an unusual twist.

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